Volunteer Assessment Database

The Volunteer Assessment Database (VAD) provides tools to enter and access volunteer survey information. In order for your stream survey data to be included, you must submit a legible copy or the original so that a quality assurance review can be completed by the SOS Coordinator. You may submit the full-survey or use the programs' summary data sheets. No matter which format you choose, always keep a copy for your records. See the additional information section below to learn the basic steps of data entry.

Entering a Survey Into the VAD

New users must create an account to get started. This account must be approved before data can be entered. Once you are approved your stream survey data can be entered. The Database Administrator (DA) performs a quality assurance check of all data entered. Note: A FOIA is not needed to access the on-line data but it is required in order to request a printed survey. There may be a charge for printing, depending upon the quantity of information requested. See additional information below to learn about the VAD's tools and recent updates.

It is important to read this section prior to entering or submitting any survey data.

To learn more about water quality data collected by WAB from our rivers and streams use the water quality data link from the additional information section for your queries. Also see the sections for querying data from ambient stations and benthic data.

Additional Tools and Information

  • VAD Training Documents

    Screen shots designed to guide a user through the VAD. Example screens are shown in both edit and display modes.

  • VAD Tools

    Learn about VAD's tools and recent updates. Important to read before entering or submitting any survey data.

  • Water Quality Data

    WAB water quality data reports for watersheds in West Virginia.