Additional Grant Opportunities

AGO's can focus on nonpoint issues in water bodies that may not be impaired or provide monies for special projects not typically funded through watershed project grants. The sections below guide users through the AGO proposal process; navigate through the pages or download the Guidance Manual.  
AGOs are annouced at various date(s) that are dependant upon a variety of factors within a given fiscal year.  West Virginia's NPS Program will accept initial proposal ideas also known as letter of inquiry (LOI) prior to and after funding announcements, through the LOI portal. Note: We strongly recommend that you review all sections below before any proposal submission.

1. An AGO grant proposal
2. Background, goals and description
3. Measures of sucess and milestones
4. Budget and match
5. Reporting requirements
6. Request for funds
7. WV 
§319 grant award conditions - EPA §319 grant conditions

Click-Here​​​​​​ to submit your LOI

​​​If your AGO is selected a full workplan is required (the workplan submission is not a guarantee of funding.  It is due to the NPS Program Coordinator within 15-30 days of the invitation.  You should discuss your proposal with the Basin Coordinator in your region prior to any submissions.  Do not submit final AGO proposals or 
§319 watershed proposals through this portal.

If AGO funds are available, select organizations are notified.  If your organization would like to be notified about possibile AGO funds send an E-mail request to the NPS CoordinatorNote: All §319 funds are reimbursable grants.  Criteria used to screen LOIs include:  

  • Project is nonpoint pollution related. 
  • Project fits the mission of the NPS Program, and will benefit the watershed and/or public. 
  • The project is an activity that probably could not qualify for a watershed project proposal. 
  • The organization is viable with the capability to successfully complete the project. 
  • The budget and total funding request is reasonable.
  • The organization has proven it is capable of completing a project and can manage grant funds responsibly.  
AGO proposal budgets should range from $2,000 - $15,000.  AGO projects must be implemented within one-two federal fiscal years. All grant recipients must have a FEINDUNS and W-9 (Tax payer ID number), and must also be able to verify that the appropriate accounting, procurement and purchasing procedures, as well as other business and organizational standards (e.g. boad of director charter, budget documents, meeting minutes etc.) are in place. A financial history checklist must be completed to verify an organizations capacity to manage federal grant. Click-here to learn more.

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