Watershed Pilot Phase II

Piney Creek Watershed Association dedicated of their
barren lands restoation during the 2016 USEPA tour.
WIB's NPS Program has extended funding for watershed group staff support. The original program, known as the Watershed Pilot Program (WPP) is now in Phase II.
The intents of WPP is to assist in managing and implementing §319 projects and improve watershed oganization sustainability.
In order to qualify for this funding opportunity, the watershed organization must completed an application and meet eligibility requirements

The responsibility of all personnel/human resources management (i.e. paychecks, taxes, hiring, firing etc.) falls on the watershed organization.
WPP applications were accepted until May 30, 2018 and four watershed groups were selected for phase two. A position description example is provided below that may be used to solicit staff. Click-Here for workplan and budget guidance and contact the NPS Coordinator for more information.
Application/position description example 

     WPP application (PDF) - WPP application (Word)
Position description (Word) - Position description (PDF) 

Reporting requirements 
The purpose of ANY grant report is to describe the activities undertaken and account for the use of grant funds. Reports must be complete so that the grantee, as well as the funder, is able to evaluate progress and performance. Montly progress reports are required, but you may choose to submit them more frequently. Click-Here to learn more about reporting requirements, and HERE to read recent annual reports.
Financial accountability
Appropriate financial accounting is required when submitting request for funds (reimbursement requests). Payments will be provided only when the form is completed correctly and the expenses are fully justified. Information on financial accountability is included in the reporting link above. 
  1. NPS Management Plan 
  2. Watershed based plans
  3. Total Maximum Daily Load documents
  4. Watershed Project Implementation Guide
  5. Grantsmanship Center
  6. Grantspace training center
  7. SMART objectives - Helpful tips
  8. USEPA Environmental Education grants
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