O&M of Passive AMD Treatment Systems

The purpose of this manual is to encourage watershed groups to develop plans for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of all their projects and to gather resources to carry out those plans. Sections include institutional practices supporting O&M, O&M considerations through the project life cycle, common best management practices for acid mine drainage (AMD) remediation and their maintenance needs, post construction inspection, monitoring, and operation, and post-construction major maintenance.

The manual proposes a systematic framework for not giving up on AMD projects. It is a list of things to try when developing new projects, observing completed projects, or coming back to projects with problems. However, the most important message is passive projects can restore AMD streams, but periodic maintenance is needed. It may be difficult to find the resources, but watershed groups have done difficult things before. Click-Here to download (4 MB)

  Click-Here to download a two-page summary of general O&M site inspection instructions, and a summary of tasks in the project phase they may occur.