WPP eligibility requirements

To qualify, the organization must have a current 501(c)3 designation. The funding allotment is $22,500 per year with a minimum commitment of three-years. Note: Funding will be reduced by 10% for years two and three. The term is based on the state fiscal year which begins July 1st. The position can be part-time or full-time and there is no match requirement. WIB will select four organizations to recieve this funding opportunity.   
The organization must have an approved watershed based plan (WBP) or protection plan, or is currently developing said plan. If the plan(s) is under development it must be completed and approved within the first year of the funding cycle. The position must support §319 watershed project implementation, sustainability and other activities and efforts tied to nonpoint source pollution abatement. An annual workplan and budget is required (Note: The first year is due with the application). 
Personnel management (i.e. hiring, firing, salary, taxes etc.) is the responsibility of the watershed organization. Financial and procurement documents must be available for review and meet requirements of §319 Program grants. This is a reimbursable opportunity only. Funds will not be distributed in advance.

Reporting requirements and financial accountability must be met in order for funding to continue. Click-Here to return to the Watershed Pilot website.