More about the LOI

The NPS Program uses the LOI portal as a screening tool. Usually organizations are encouraged to submit their proposal ideas following an annoucement of grant opportunity.  However, the NPS Program will also accept watershed proposal ideas between October and March.  Currently the deadline for 319 project funding is May 1st; your organization must be ready to submit a full proposal by that date. 

If you wish to submit photos, designs, spreadsheets or other supporting documents with the LOI, send them in a separate Email to the NPS Coordinator. Be sure to reference your proposal's title.  Do not use the LOI portal for submissions of fully developed proposals.  Your document(s) must be sent to Coordinator.  We stongly encourach your organization to work with your local Basin Coordinator while developing your proposal.  

If your LOI is accepted a fully developed (workplan) is required. The worplan should explain how your project will improve the waterbody, educate, and provide other benefits related to NPS issues. It must include realistic budget that breaks down 319 and matching (40%) costs. The worplan must follow the outline provided within the NPS website. If it is not received in a timely manner (on or before the deadlines provided) your opportunity for funding will be compromised.