DEP Mobile Aquarium


The mobile aquarium highlights partnerships between the Division of Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Protection in which both agencies strive to improve water quality, conserve resources, and restore fish habitat. Although the aquarium’s primary purpose is to assist with stream surveys, it also functions as a unique teaching tool at public events. At these events, children and adults alike can observe the diversity of fish species native to West Virginia.

Requesting the Mobile Aquarium

The WVDEP is currently accepting event requests for 2024. Please complete and submit the Mobile Aquarium Event Request Form by December 31, 2023.

To have your event considered, it must meet the following site eligibility requirements:

  • A predominantly flat exhibit space, preferably on asphalt or concrete, of 50’ L x 10’ W x 10’ H. If weather conditions are dry, grass may be acceptable. (Note: At the end of the event, WVDEP will drain the Mobile Aquarium in its exhibit space)

  • Must be shaded, if such an area is available.

  • Located less than 100 feet away from an electrical source (120v or 240v).

  • Arrangement for 2,000 gallons of municipal tap water to be brought to the Mobile Aquarium tank. Alternatively, Event Provider will provide an exhibit space less than 48 feet from a fire hydrant and will arrange for a local fire department to open the fire hydrant at the event.

  • Ensure that the Mobile Aquarium can be accessed by truck during set up and take down of the exhibit so that WVDEP/WVDNR can transport fish to and from the Mobile Aquarium. If the water source for the Mobile Aquarium is by fire hydrant, the space will also need to accommodate a fire department’s water truck.

Get Started

If you are interested in having the mobile aquarium at an upcoming event that meets the above requirements, please fill out the WVDEP's Mobile Aquarium Event Request Form.

We decide which events to attend in January of each year. The event schedule may change, however, at the discretion of each agency. Please keep in mind that because of its use in stream surveying and the resources required to operate it, the aquarium can only be used at a limited number of events. Due to health and safety concerns for fish, the aquarium can only be used for events from late April through June, and September through October. The aquarium cannot be used for events in July and August.

Because of the limited number of events that can be scheduled, preference is given to large, multi-day events, such as fairs and festivals.

Contact Us

Nancy Hunt
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Office of the Environmental Advocate
601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 926-0499 x43823

Additional Resources

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DEP Mobile Aquarium
DEP Mobile Aquarium
DEP Mobile Aquarium
DEP Mobile Aquarium