Certification exams

If you complete any of the (PDF) certification tests on-line you must complete it in one-setting; the text cannot be saved.  Additionally, some mail programs may not allow you to submit mail directly from the test.  In most cases, windows mail and outlook applications work fine; however, if you use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other Internet based accounts you may not be able to submit directly from the test.  To make sure your work is not lost PRINT your test first and then click the submit button.  If the Coordinator does not receive the file,  you will still be able to mail a printed copy. 


If you cannot finish the test in one-setting, download the Word version.  You can save the file to your computer and submit it by E-mail after it is completed.  If you can complete the test in one-setting download the pdf. 

1.  Level-One Certification (0.6 MB)     1.  Level-One Certification (7 MB)  
2.  Advanced Certification (0.7 MB)   2.  Advanced Certification (24 MB)   
3.  Re-Certification (0.2 MB)    3.  Re-Certification (0.2 MB)   

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Questions? E-mail: Glenn Nelson

After you choose your file a log-in window may pop-up; simply click until it disappears and the file will open or choose the save option.  Due to the images the file size of the Word verions are large.  Contact the Coordinator if you have difficulties downloading any of the files available and request the file you are attempting to download.