Water Chemistry Kit

This custom LaMotte kit is a new addition to the program.  At this time it is only available while working with the WV Save Our Streams Program Coordinator or with one of WVDEP’s Nonpoint Source Program’s Basin Coordinators. Since there are a limited number of kits, they cannot be loaned or donated to the group unless there is a specific need such as a special study or project. In those cases the volunteer group must show reason for using the kit by providing a written description of the project proposal. Upon review of the proposal, a kit may be provided for a limited amount of time at the discretion of the program coordinator.  The volunteer group must maintain the kit and is responsible for all damage that may occur through field use.  The volunteer group may also be responsible for the cost of refills.  The kit contains the following parameters: 

Test factor

Range and units

# of tests

pH (wide range)

3.0-10.5 (0.5 increments)


Dissolved oxygen

0-10 ppm (0.2 increments)



0-200 ppm (4.0 increments)



0.5-10.0 ppm (0.5 increments)


Nitrate - Nitrogen

0-10 ppm (1.0 increments)



0-100 JTUs (20 increments)


Thermometer (no mercury)

- 5-45 C (0.5 increments)


To purchase the kit, contact LaMotte Customer Service at 1-800-344-3100.  The kits name is WV Save Our Streams Kit, order code XX01245-03.  The cost is $348.70.  It includes one water sample bottle and one-pair of safety goggles.  Call Customer Service at: 800-344-3100 to order your kit.  Additional sample bottles (0688) are available for $3.20 each.  The kit does not include any multi-parameter or pH pen's; these must be purchased separately.  Click-Here to download LaMotte's Science Education Catalog 

Disposal of low volume chemical waste

All waste generated by LaMotte test procedures (not including bacteria test) may be poured down the drain with the water running to dilute it. The only time the waste may not be disposed of in this manner is if the waste generated is from 30 or more tests for a single parameter. For example, if 30 students all use the LaMotte test kit to test the dissolved oxygen levels of a sample, the waste cannot be poured down the drain. A waste management facility should be contacted to determine the correct method of disposal. But if 10 students test for pH, 10 students test for nitrates and 10 students test for dissolved oxygen, the waste generated by this group can be disposed of down the drain with the water running to dilute it. If the tests are done in the field, carry a waste container with a lid along with the kits. Pour all the waste into the container and save it for appropriate disposal at a later time. Before using a kit, be sure to read its instruction manual and all related safety precautions. Also, review the material safety data sheets (MSDS) for the chemicals included with the kits.​​​