The Kick-Net


Many professional and volunteer monitoring programs throughout the United States use a rectangular style kick-net. The reasons are simple; it is easy to use and versatile. The net shown here was designed by WV Save Our Streams and built by BioQuip. It is available for sale in their product line. This net is sold in two styles; a single pole and a knock-down that breaks apart for easier storage. BioQuip also sells two-pole kick-nets with either coarse (1 mm openings) or a variety of fine mesh sizes. Note: A kick-net is provided to certified volunteer moitoring groups as part of their biosurvey kit.

Additional Information

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    • Description: If you are an entomologist, teacher, student, parent, or one who appreciates the natural world, you will find here pages filled with descriptions and illustrations of equipment, tools, supplies, books, and educational materials you need to pursue your work or interest in entomology and related biological sciences.
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  • Kick-Net Demo
    • Description: Short video that demonstrates collection and washing techniques using the single-pole net.
  • Macroinvertebrate Video
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