Evaluating macroinvertebrates

Stress Tolerance 

Stress tolerance is the organism’s ability to withstand a certain amount of anthropogenic influences.  The index range for each category is based upon a (0-10) scale.  For example, invertebrates with a low tolerance need adequate dissolved oxygen and chemical and physical stability, while those with a high tolerance can survive for a period of time when dissolved oxygen levels are less than adequate or other disturbances may be present.  Note: There are some types that are un-determined (U) or un-known.

Description of the major categories

: Occur with little or no disturbance to moderately disturbed conditions. Moderate: Occur from moderately to highly disturbed conditions but can also occur in less disturbed conditions. An overabundance (dominance) of moderate organisms is often a good indication of disturbance. High: Occur most often under disturbed conditions with only one or two groups may dominate the entire community. They are also found in good conditions, but usually in low numbers. 

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