VAD Maps and Downloads

This site allows download from the VAD, which is the survey code linked to the public view. Information includes: habitat scores, biological scores, and some basic water quality information. 
Note: The major basin spreadsheets and maps are currently off-line due to system repairs and updates. To view the recent information (through 2016) Click-Here; these points are survey codes only. You may request addditional information by contacting the Coordinator.


 Sub-watershed maps 


Cacapon, Potomac (North and South Branch), Potomac Direct Drains and Shenandoah


Cheat, Dunkard, Monongahela, Tygart Valley, West Fork and Youghigheny

Upper Ohio

Upper Ohio (North and South), Middle Ohio (North and South) and Little Kanawha

Lower Ohio Lower Ohio, Guyandotte (Upper and Lower), Tug Fork, Twelvepole and Big Sandy


Coal, Elk, Gauley and Kanawha (Upper and Lower)


Greenbrier, New (Upper and Lower) and James

If you have submitted a survey but it is not in the VAD contact the Coordinator or mail your survey to the WV Save Our Streams Program.  The VAD administrator can now query information from the database that includes latitude and longitude coordinates and hyperlinks to public surveys.  There are several categories of queries available.  Contact the Coordinator for more information.