Volunteer Assessment Database Tools

It is useful to summarize survey data for the purposes of reporting, data sharing and data entry into your own or other on-line databases. To help, WV Save Our Streams has developed spreadsheets and Word documents for survey summaries.

Please use the contact information below if you have any difficulties downloading any of the files available.

Summaries - Microsoft Word and PDF Formats

Summaries - Microsoft Excel Format

Other Documents



There is a section that requires all macroinvetebrates from the survey to be listed. The VAD has drop-downs of the taxonomic names listed by their tolerance.


To satisfy the requirements of the database enter the rating of Optimal, Suboptimal, Marginal or Poor for Level-1 if you used data sheets prior to 2010. The most recent data sheets use number scales typical of most biosurveys; the numbers should be entered instead of the rating.

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