Streamside Homeowners Packet

Watershed volunteers and agency personnel often grapple with the difficulty of getting the word out, but now a new outreach tool is now available.   The Streamside Homeowners Packet provides information and tips on various problems affecting streamside homeowners and focuses on practical solutions. Information provided includes preventative methods for streambank erosion, assistance to land owners having trouble with surface and road erosion, tips on planting a streamside buffer, tips on monitoring your well and information on maintaining your septic system. The combined efforts of the following agencies and organizations went into creating this resource.

WV Conservation Agency; US Army Corps of Engineers; Canaan Valley Institute; and the WV Department of Environmental Protection 

The images below provide examples of just a few of the many resources available from the packet; you may download sections from the document by clicking the links below, or Click-Here to download the entire packet. 

Link to Surface Erosion   Link to Streambanks  Link to Dirt Roads  Link to Septic System

1. Help for Dirt Roads
2. Help for Streambanks
3. Help for Surface Erosion
4. Monitoring Your Well
5. Planting Your Buffer
6. Reducing Flood Damage
Your Septic System