Best Management Practices

Provided here are a variety of guides and resources related to best mangement practices (BMPs) supported by the NPS Program.  This page is not a complete resource guide, but only serves as an example of possibilities.  Please contact the NPS Program Coordinator if you have additional BMP resource suggestions.  Appropriate resources will be added at the discretion of the Coordinator. 

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Overview 
(2) Overview of AMD Treatment with Chemicals (West Virginia University)
(3) Overview of Passive Systems for Treating AMD (West Virginia University)
(4) Opertation and Maintenance Manual for AMD Treatment (DEP-NPS)

National Conservation Practice Standards
(2) WV BMPs for Conservation Practice Standards
(3) Riparian buffer management on agricultural landscapes

Riparian Buffers
(1) Chesapeake Bay Riparian Handbook
(2) Planting Your Riparian Buffer (KY Extension Service)
(3) Riparian forest buffers (US EPA)

Natural Stream Design (NSD)
Guidelines for natural stream design in PA (CB Alliance)
Natural channel design checklist (US EPA)
(3) Rosgen Geomorphic Channel Design
(4) Stream Restoration - A Natural Design Handbook (NC State)

(1) A homeowner's guide to septic systems
NESC Onsite Wastewater Technologies (WV University)
SepticSmart (US EPA)

Urban and other BMP guidance
MS4 Guidance Manuals
(2) National menu of stormwater BMPs (US EPA)
(3) Potomac Tributary Strategy BMPs
(4) WV Division of Forestry BMPs Manual
(5) Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (DEP-Stormwater)

AMD Treat
: computer application for estimating costs for AMD treatment
(2) Spreadsheet Tool for Estimating Pollutant Loads