AMD Experiments

Each experiment includes a list of tools and things you will need and provides directions on what to do.  You will also be asked to record what you see and what you concludeClick-Here for tips on designing your own experiments. 

Letter to kids, teachers, parents, guardians and concerned citizens

What is Science? – The basics   
The Experiments 
Making your own litmus paper   Who is very small and living in your creek? 
What is acid and how do you know it?   Testing the water in your creek?  
Why does acid mine drainage form?    How many colors does iron have?  
Is the groundwater acid also?   What is the black on the rocks?  
Studying aquatic invertebrates  What is the white in the creek?  
What kind of plants like acid water?    How can acid mine drainage be treated?  
Click-Here to download the manual  Resources, references and study materials  
Safety: These experiments should always be done with the proper supervision from a teacher or parent. Always use caution and the proper protective equipment such as, rubber boots, gloves, safety glasses when you are in or around a stream and especially when handling chemicals.  Click-Here to learn more