AMD Resources for Additional Study

To learn more about AMD contact the appropriate state, local or federal agency, conduct your own Internet research using your preferred web browser, or visit your local library.

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  6. The properties of water; From Wikipedia
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Additional Web Resources

  1. Abandoned Mine Reclamation Clearinghouse
  2. AMD and Art
  3. International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP)
  4. Passive treatment methods for acid water in Pennsylvania
  5. Passive treatment to restore water quality in the West Fork (Lamberts Run success story)
  6. West Virginia Geology (WVGIS)
  7. Overview of AMD treatment with chemicals
  8. WVDEP Envirofacts: Acid Mine Drainage
  9. WVDEP Envirofacts: Mountaintop Mining
  10. WVDEP Division of Mining and Reclamation
  11. WVDEP Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation
  12. Introduction to acid mine drainage - WV Save Our Streams slide show