SOS reports and special projects

Listed here are examples of several projects and reports the WV Save Our Streams Program have had an active role in over the past several years.  Future reports and projects will be added to this section. Note: Many of the links below are or include portable document files.
1.  SOS Activities - Summary report of SOS Program outreach activities
2. The Conditions of Our Waters: A Citizens Perspective  Note: The next program report is scheduled for completion in winter/spring of 2018-19.
3. Elkhorn Creek Diesel Spill Study (Click-Here for additional information)  Partners: Trout Unlimited: Kanawha Valley Chapter; WVDEP's NPS Program 
4. Geomorphic Assessment of Upper Glade Run  Partners: WV Conservation Camp participants
5. Appalachian Watershed and Stream Monitors Report  Partners: TMI's AWSM Program; WVDEP's NPS and SOS Programs    
6. Spring Run Monitoring Study  Partners: Cacapon Institute; Freshwater Institute; WV Conservation Agency; WV Division of Natural Resources; WVDEP's Watershed Assessment Branch
7.  Influence of hyporheic exchange on freshwater mussel abundance: Ecohydrology, 2014 
8.  In May 2016, WIB's NPS Coordinator presented a poster at the 2016 National Monitoring Conference in Tampa, FL. In August the Glenn presented the same poster at the 2016 National Nonpoint Monitoring Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  Click-Here to view and download the poster.   
8.  Statewide water quality summary report (2010-2015): WVDEP's Watershed Assessment Branch