Watershed based plans

USEPA's  Watershed Implementation Tracking map displays state watershed plan progress, management plans and annual reports. 
 HUC8 basins   Plan name   Status  FY  Targets
Cacapon River Lost River Not-active 2006 Bacteria, sediment
Cheat River North Fork Blacwater  Active  2016 Metals, pH
Beaver Creek  Active 2019 Metals, pH
Muddy Creek Active 2020  Metals, pH
North Fork Greens Run Active 2019 Metals, pH
Big Sandy Creek Active 2019 Metals, pH
Coal River Lower Coal River Active 2014 Bacteria, sediment
Elk River Elk Headwaters (WPP) Not-active 2012 None
Greenbrier River Anthony Creek  Active 2019 Bacteria, sediment
Beaver Creek  Active 2017 Bacteria
Knapp Creek  Active 2013 Bacteria, sediment
Milligan Creek  Active 2014 Bacteria, sediment
Muddy Creek  Active 2009 Bacteria, sediment
Second Creek  Active 2008 Bacteria
Spring Creek Active 2016 Bacteria
Gauley River Upper Meadow River Active 2014 Bacteria, metals
Guyandotte River Upper Guyandotte Not-active 2006 Bacteria, metals
James River Potts Creek Active 2012 Bacteria
Kanawha River Cane Fork Active 2011 Metals, pH
Morris Creek Active 2013 Metals, pH, sediment
Cherry Fork Active 2018 Bacteria
Monongahela River Deckers Creek  Active 2015 Metals, pH, bacteria
West Run Active 2008 Metals, pH
New River Indian Creek Active 2017 Bacteria
Piney Creek Active 2012 Metals, pH, bacteria
Pipestem Creek Active 2018 Bacteria
Wolf Creek Active 2009 Metals, pH, bacteria
Potomac Direct Drain Back Creek (WPP) Active 2014 None)
Elks Run Active 2013 Bacteria, sediment
Mill Creek (Opequon) Active 2008 Bacteria, sediment
Sleepy Creek (R) Active 2008 Bacteria
Tuscarora Creek Active 2013 Bacteria, sediment
South Branch Potomac Mill Creek  Not-active 2007 Bacteria, sediment
Anderson Run Active 2019 Bacteria, sediment
Tug Fork River North Fork Elkhorn Not-active 2007 Bacteria, metals
Tygart Valley River Roaring Creek Active 2012 Metals, pH
Sandy Creek Active 2012 Metals, pH
Three Forks Creek Not-active 2005 Metals, pH
Upper Buckhannon Active 2006 Metals, pH, bacteria
West Fork River Little Tenmile/Jones Creek Active 2015 Metals, bateria, sediment
Lambert Run (R) Active 2004 Metals, pH
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: Impaired streams can be removed from the 303(d) list when a WBP is complete, and the data shows water quality standards have been achieved.  However, additional steps are needed to ensure de-listing.  
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