C-8 Investigation Reports


        C-8 has been used by DuPont since the early 1950's in its fluoropolymer related manufacturing processes. Residues containing C-8 from the fluoropolymer manufacturing processes at the Washington Works Facility are or have been released to the air, discharged to the Ohio River, disposed of at the facility, and otherwise shipped off-site for destruction and/or disposal. DuPont also captures for recycling a portion of used C-8.


        No permits issued to Dupont authorizing release of pollutants to the environment contain specific limitations on the amount of C-8 that may be released. Since as early as 1990, DuPont has performed regular, voluntary water sampling to detect the presence and level of C-8 in and around its facilities in West Virginia, and has reported the results of these samplings to WVDEP.


        The following documents are the reports that have been produced from the C-8 investigation


C-8 Investigation - Additional Information
  Consent Order 11/2001

Final Ammonium Perfluorooctanoate (C8) Assessment of Toxicity Team (CATT) Report

  Final Report - C-8 Assessment of Toxicity Team (CATT) Report Addendum - Aquatic Life Advisory Concentration for C-8 10/2002
  Ammoniun Perfluorooctanoate (C-8) Groundwater Investigation Steeering Team (GIST) Report 9/2003
 excel button Dry Run Landfill Groundwater/Surface Water 9/2003
  Dry Run Figures 9/2003
 excel button Local Landfill Groundwater/Surface Water  9/2003
  Local Landfill Figures  9/2003
 excel button LeTART Landfill Groundwater/Surface Water  9/2003
  LeTART Landfill Figures  9/2003
   Washington Works Groundwater/Surface Water  9/2003
   Washington Works Figures  9/2003