DOH applies for cleanup of former salt storage site


The West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) has submitted an application to the state Department of Environmental Protection to clean up property in Putnam County.

The 3-acre tract of property is located at the intersection of Mill Road and state Route 34 in Hurricane and is the former site of a DOH storage shed for road salt. Also, highway construction materials and equipment were located at the site, and petroleum products were once stored at the site in an underground storage tank (UST) as part of the refueling operations for a former retail gasoline facility.

The DOH has negotiated a voluntary remediation agreement (VRA) with the DEP’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) to clean up any contaminants found at the site. The agreement assesses human health and ecological risks associated with current and potential future uses of the site to establish appropriate cleanup standards. The property is currently being used for materials storage and as an unpaved parking area.

Corrective actions completed at the site include the removal of a storm water runoff collection pond and 13,040 tons of chloride-impacted soil from the pond. Chemicals of potential concern at the site include volatile organic compounds and metals, commonly associated with gasoline fueling operations.

Future uses of the site will be restricted to non-residential (commercial/industrial) use as defined in the state’s Voluntary Remediation Rule 60CSR3. Buildings on the site will not have subsurface structures or basements and a small sub-parcel of the site will require a vapor barrier and ventilation system for future construction. Monitoring of the groundwater for site-related contaminants will continue for the foreseeable future.

The DEP’s Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) stems from the West Virginia Legislature’s Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act (VRRA), which encourages voluntary clean-ups of contaminated sites, as well as redevelopments of abandoned and under-utilized properties, in the hope of counteracting the lack of growth on sites with contamination or perceived contamination.

Questions regarding the VRRA or this application, may be directed to either: David Hight, project manager; WVDEP, DLR/OER, by calling (304) 926¬-499, Ext. 1007 or Matt Wright, LRS, Triad Engineering, Inc., at (304) 755-0721.


Tom Aluise