Three e-cycling days collect more than 50 tons of electronics


Three electronics recycling events co-sponsored this year by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection yielded more than 50 tons of electronic waste.

The DEP’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP), along with MRM recycling, collected televisions, computers, CD players, tape players, speakers, cell phones and other electronic devices at a trio of e-cycling days conducted on different dates across West Virginia. Pick-ups were organized in Fayetteville, Sutton and Logan.

West Virginia law prohibits TVs, computers and other electronic devices with video screens 4 inches and larger from being discarded into landfills. The law went into effect Jan. 1, 2011. Sandy Rogers, REAP Grant Programs coordinator, said e-cycling events were conducted this year in areas where there had not been previous efforts to collect electronics.

“We’re hoping this will spark enough interest in these communities that they’ll apply for electronics recycling grants themselves through their local solid waste authorities or county commissions,” Rogers said.

Of this year’s three collections, Logan’s brought in the most material, close to 25 tons of electronics. Fayetteville collected 17 tons and Sutton 11 tons. Eco International, a New York-based electronics recycling company that specializes in dismantling electronic scrap, was contracted to haul away the materials.

Three more collections are scheduled for 2012 in West Virginia, although Rogers said locations have not yet been chosen.


Tom Aluise