2015 Fayette County Water Festival Set For Sept. 10


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – More than 300 elementary school children are expected to converge on Fayette County Park on Sept. 10 to participate in the fifth annual Fayette County Water Festival.

Children will see firsthand the importance of clean water and all of the different ways water impacts our lives, from nutrition to recreation. Young people and educators will participate in a variety of activities designed to promote awareness and stewardship of water resources.

Children will also be introduced to different careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields and will engage in hands-on activities about topics such as conservation, water quality, energy, water safety and the water cycle.

Community support for the Fayette County Water Festival continues to grow. The event is sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, National Park Service and the Army Corps of Engineers. The Water Festival also involves the collaboration of many other state and local organizations and volunteers.

For more information, contact Kim Maxwell of the DEP at kimberly.a.maxwell@wv.gov.

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