Cease Operations Order issued for well pad in Tyler County


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Oil and Gas (OOG) has issued a Notice of Violation, as well as a Cease Operations Order, to Jay-Bee Oil & Gas in connection with the company’s Lisby gas well pad in Tyler County.
The Lisby pad was the site of a Jan. 2 incident during which a tank ruptured and leaked fluids to surrounding grounds on the well site. One worker was injured as a result of the incident.

As part of the OOG order, which halts all well work on the Lisby pad not necessary as part of gaining control of activities on the pad, Jay-Bee Oil & Gas must submit a report to the OOG on or before Jan. 14, 2014, that demonstrates a knowledge and understanding as to the cause of the tank rupture; demonstrates Jay-Bee’s ability to safely resume operations on the pad; and outlines future preventative measures to be used to safeguard against similar incidents.

Also, as part of the order, Jay-Bee is required to provide an analysis of the fluids contained in the ruptured tank; submit to the OOG a proposal for soil sampling and a remediation plan to remove and dispose of any contaminated soil from the impacted areas; submit to the OOG a proposal for water sampling, including plans for containment and removal of any pollutants found; and provide an after-action report that details Jay-Bee’s testing and remediation activity, including all sampling data, as a result of the order.


Tom Aluise