Department of Environmental Protection announces Environmental Award winners


West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Cabinet Secretary Randy Huffman recognized the environmental stewardship efforts of 19 recipients from around the state today at the 11th annual Environmental Awards Ceremony conducted at the State Capitol.


The DEP’s Environmental Awards recognize the accomplishments of state industries, municipalities, educators and community leaders who strive to protect the environment, work to be good corporate neighbors, and educate the state’s citizens.


Businesses and municipalities that have demonstrated exemplary performance over the last two years, have compliance records that reflect no outstanding violations and have a record of cooperation with regulatory authorities are eligible to be nominated by DEP inspection staff.


Individuals are also nominated for the awards, including those who volunteer with local civic organizations, youth groups or watershed associations.


Following is a list of award winners:


Sewage Treatment Plant, Less than 400,000 gallons per day

City of War Wastewater Treatment Plant – This facility was permitted for operation in 1998. There have been no reported spills, bypasses or significant operation or compliance issues to date. Much of this is due to the dedication and due diligence of its sole operator, Mr. Jerry Crabtree.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Most Improved, Less than 400,000 gallons per day

Upshur County Board of Education Wastewater Treatment Plants – Upshur County Schools’ continual improvement in wastewater treatment has provided positive environmental impacts on its school communities.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Greater than 400,000 gallons per day

City of Buckhannon Wastewater Treatment and Collection -- The operation accepts full responsibility for its performance and is very aggressive about addressing problems. Pride in its facilities and work assures high-quality workmanship.     

Sewage Treatment Plant, Most Improved, Greater than 400,000 gallons per day

West Virginia American Water, Fayetteville Wastewater Treatment Plant -- Since its acquisition of the Fayetteville Wastewater Treatment Plant, West Virginia American Water has been extraordinarily active in implementing an aggressive process control program at the facility.

Municipal Landfill

Waste Management, Disposal Services Inc., Hurricane, WV. -- This landfill has remained in compliance with environmental regulations since late 2009 and consistently garners inspection reports with only minor deficiencies, if any. 

Municipal Landfill, Most Improved

Republic Services, Sycamore Landfill, Hurricane, WV. – Sycamore Landfill incurred nine notices of violation in 2009 and seven by February of 2010. There have been drastic improvements since early 2010 and the personnel deserve commendation for their success in bringing the facility back into compliance.

Clean Energy

Wyoming County Career and Technical Center – Students in the center’s Renewable Energy Education Class are being trained to build and install solar panels as part of their curriculum. Instructor Dan McKinney is providing the training, curriculum and supplies to build and install the PV panels on-site.

Industry, Less than 100 employees

City of White Sulphur Springs Water Treatment Plant -- The plant employs three full-time and one-part time employee, runs an average of 16 hours per day, seven days a week and meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations

Industry, Greater than 100 employees

Phillips Machine Service, Beckley, WV. – Phillips Machine has made health, safety and the environment its No. 1 priority. Phillips has established an aggressive program for maintaining compliance with these priorities and has taken a proactive approach to eliminating any environmental problems at its facility.

Education and Community Involvement

Wayne Eads, Webster County Solid Waste Authority – Mr. Eads was appointed in 2000 to work with the Solid Waste Authority and has devoted much of his time in recent years to the development of a Community Service Work Program, where those sentenced to community service may work off their hours by cleaning up open dumps and picking up roadside litter.

Education and Community Involvement

Sara Wuertenberg, Eastern Panhandle Conservation District – Ms. Wuertenberg is making a difference in her area by teaching about the environment and by promoting the use of the outdoors as a place for students to learn and take action.

Education and Community Involvement

Pleasants County Solid Waste Authority, Pleasants County Recycling Center – This Solid Waste Authority recognizes the importance of public education and awareness of recycling and waste. It has reached out to schools, offering presentations, tours and support for the schools’ recycling programs.

Education and Community Involvement

Friends of the Second Creek, Second Creek, WV. – This watershed group created a watershed project book and the Monroe County 4-H Club was able to complement the book with support for three Saturday watershed gatherings, held to give kids a more comprehensive hands-on look at the watershed.

Environmental Stewardship

Don Gasper, Buckhannon, WV. – Mr. Gasper, a retired fish biologist, is a long-time steward of the environment and a proponent of conservation education on the community, state and national level.

Environmental Stewardship

Opequon (O-PECK-un) Creek Project Team, Martinsburg, WV. – This watershed group has quickly become a dynamic force of progress in the community’s effort to protect and enhance its natural resources. The group’s float trips provided people with a connection to the creek and resulted in the recruitment of volunteers willing to work to protect it. 

Environmental Volunteers of the Year

Deborah Demyan, Huttonsville, WV. – Ms. Demyan is the activities leader for the Lucky Leaf 4-H Club in Randolph County. Since 2000, she has devoted her life to the development of her children and the youth of Randolph County, guiding them to be better citizens and stewards of the environment.

Environmental Volunteers of the Year

Louise Bennett, Waverly, WV. – Ms. Bennett started Cub Scout Pack 47 and has been with the pack for 25 years. She has made a great impact on the environment, participating in environmental activities, as well as motivating and instilling priceless environmental and personal values in the present and future caretakers of this planet.

For the category of Environmental Volunteers of the Year

Betty Hamilton, Fellowsville, WV. – Ms. Hamilton has been the Leader of the Sandy Pals 4-H Club since 1975. There are usually 40 to 50 members in the club and she has always encouraged members to beautify their community, pick up litter along highways and clean a local stream.

DEP Cabinet Secretary Award

Charles and Sue Pase, Kingwood, WV. – Owners of Preston Tire & Recycling, the Pases are recycling close to 55,000 tires per year as they slowly rebuild their business from a devastating fire in 2009. Because of their longtime volunteer work in county and state cleanup initiatives and an unfailing dedication to their recycling business, the Pases are prime examples of what it takes to make a positive difference in the environment.


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