National Pollution Prevention Week Sept. 17-23


Did you know the typical American uses around 2,200 napkins each year, or roughly six each day? If everyone in the U.S. used one fewer napkin a day, more than a billion pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills each year.

… Or if all the households in America switched from hot-hot cycle to warm-cold when doing laundry, we could save the energy comparable to 100,000 barrels of oil a day.

… Or if everyone in the U.S. opted to take their car one time to a more water-efficient professional car wash, rather than washing it at home themselves, we could save nearly 8.7 billion gallons of water.

In conjunction with National Pollution Prevention Week, Sept 17-23, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is offering 40 easy things West Virginians can do to better the environment.

Those 40 tips are included in the DEP’s Going Green Poll, which is available here

National Pollution Prevention Week is the third full week in September each year and is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, a non-profit organization devoted solely to pollution prevention. The mission of the Roundtable is to provide a national forum for promoting the development, implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source.

Pollution Prevention Week is an opportunity for individuals, businesses and government to highlight their pollution prevention and sustainability activities and achievements and to expand current pollution prevention efforts.


Tom Aluise