Pennzoil-Quaker State cleaning up Bluefield site


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is working with Pennzoil-Quaker State to address environmental conditions at the former Texaco Lubricant facility in Bluefield.

Pennzoil-Quaker State negotiated a Voluntary Remediation Agreement (VRA) with the WVDEP in 2012 under the state’s Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act. As part of the VRA, the WVDEP has approved Pennzoil-Quaker State’s cleanup method for the site, which includes Land Use Covenant restrictions that mandate the use of groundwater only for monitoring and/or remediation and the use of the property only for nonresidential purposes.

The current site is vacant and consists of approximately 0.8 acres, located at 1500 Bluefield Ave. Both diesel fuel and gasoline were once stored at the location in above ground storage tanks. The site served as a repackaging and distribution location for various grades of lubricating oils and hydraulic oil.

West Virginia’s Voluntary and Remediation and Redevelopment Act encourages voluntary cleanups of contaminated sites, as well as redevelopment of abandoned and under-utilized properties, with an objective of counteracting the lack of development on sites with contamination or perceived contamination. The VRA calls for identifying and addressing potential contamination at a site; sets applicable remediation standards; and ensures that the standards are maintained at the site.

Questions regarding this VRA can be directed to either WVDEP Project Manager Michael Sutphin at 304-465-1911 (ext. 3057) or Licensed Remediation Specialist Robert O’Brien at 301-302-1398. The VRA also can be viewed at the Mercer County Clerk’s offices, 1501 Main St., Suite 121, Princeton, WV, 24740; 304-487-8466.


Tom Aluise