Pineville Lumber Inc. applies for cleanup


Pineville Lumber Inc. has submitted an application to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to clean up property in Ragland, Mingo County. The site is the former Hannah Lumber Site No. 1 and is comprised of approximately 1 acre of property.


The site is currently undeveloped and unoccupied. The site was previously used as a lumber mill and lumber treatment plant. Corrective actions previously completed at the site include removal of the pressure vessel, product storage tank, dip track, and storage shed; removal of some impacted soils, and collection and analysis of soil, surface water, and groundwater samples.


The applicant is working with DEP’s Office of Environmental Remediation to address environmental conditions at the site associated with its historical usage as a lumber mill and lumber treatment plant. Chemicals of potential concern are arsenic and chromium. These chemicals of potential concern are based on the historic usage of the site as a lumber mill/treatment plant and laboratory data from previous site investigations. 


OER is currently negotiating a voluntary remediation agreement with the applicant. The voluntary remediation agreement will include provisions for identifying human health and ecological risks associated with current and potential future uses of the site in order to establish appropriate cleanup standards, and will also include provisions for additional remedial actions, if any, necessary to meet those standards. A final report will be submitted to the OER for review to confirm that the work meets all applicable remediation standards.


Questions regarding the Voluntary Remediation program or this application may be directed to either Ruth Porter, Project Manager; WVDEP, DLR/OER, 601 57th Street, Charleston, WV 25304, (304) 926-0499, Ext. 1007, or  Albert F. Sweeley, Jr. Project Manager/LRS; Potesta & Associates, Inc., 7012 MacCorkle Avenue, SE, Charleston, WV  25304 (304) 342-1400, Ext. 1121.


Kathy Cosco