Public hearing scheduled for solid waste permit application


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection will conduct a public hearing on an application for a non-disposal, solid waste resource recovery permit for a facility near Martinsburg. The hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 25, at Spring Mills High School in Martinsburg.

Entsorga West Virginia LLC has applied to the DEP for a permit to receive a maximum of 9,999 tons per month of the following types of waste: municipal solid waste, including but not limited to food waste, household residential waste, paper, glass and metal, as well as commercial and industrial waste. Waste that will not be accepted includes construction debris, as well as hazardous, medical and electronic waste.

The facility is located approximately two miles east of Interstate 81 and approximately one mile north on Grapevine Road, off Route 9. The majority of the waste accepted at the facility will come from Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan and Hampshire counties.

The comment period on the permit ends on Thursday, Sept. 4.


Kelley Gillenwater