Sampling phase of Prenter water study winding down


The sampling phase of a Department of Environmental Protection study on water supplies in the Prenter-Sand Lick area of Boone County is winding down and residents of the area who wish to have their wells sampled are encouraged to contact Triad Engineering, the firm contracted by the state to conduct the study.


Sampling is scheduled to conclude by mid-September. Triad employees are looking for the presence of contaminants in residential water supplies, which may affect human health, by taking samples from those sources. The firm’s representatives are also sampling surface and groundwater locations that include any possible mining and industrial contamination sources.


The study will analyze whether human activity, including coal mining and activities associated with it, may have negatively affected the quality of groundwater being used as a drinking water source by residents of the study area. The study area includes all residences along Hopkins Fork of Big Coal River and tributaries of Hopkins Fork from Seth to Prenter.


Residents wishing to have their wells sampled should contact John Meeks at Triad Engineering at 304-755-0721 or email:


Tom Aluise
304-926-0499, ext. 1338