State issues violation to company for illegal open burning


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Notice of Violation (NOV) to Carpenter Reclamation Inc., of Sissonville, for illegal open burning at a school construction site off Edgewood Drive in Charleston.

On June 16, the DEP’s Division of Air Quality (DAQ) investigated Carpenter Reclamation’s land clearing operation at the new Edgewood School Site. The DAQ determined the company had violated state code by open burning vegetative material without the assistance of a pit burner as required by the “Approval to Conduct Open Burning” certificate issued by the DAQ. A pit burner is a large fan-like machine that helps contain smoke, as well as helps combust materials cleaner and more quickly.

As part of the NOV, the DAQ is requiring a written response from Carpenter Reclamation detailing the causes that led to the violation and an explanation of remedial measures that have been taken and will be taken to address the causes of noncompliance.

After receiving a written response from Carpenter Reclamation, the DAQ will determine if any fines will be issued as part of the NOV.


Tom Aluise