Stream Partners Program Awards More Than $104,000 in Grants


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Thanks to the Stream Partners Program (SPP), 21 organizations across West Virginia received more than $104,000 in grant funding this year to preserve and protect watersheds.

The SPP was launched in 1996 and is a partnership between the Department of Environmental Protection, the Division of Forestry, the Division of Natural Resources, and the West Virginia Conservation Agency. Since its inception, the SPP has awarded more than $2 million in grant funding.

The recipients of this year’s grant funding are: 

        Buckhannon River Watershed Association                                 $5,000 
        Buffalo Creek Watershed Improvement Association                   $5,000 
        Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust                                         $5,000 
        Coal River Group                                                                    $5,000 
        Coal River Mountain Watch                                                      $4,468 
        Fourpole Creek Watershed Organization                                   $5,000 
        Friends of Blackwater                                                              $5,000 
        Friends of Deckers Creek                                                        $5,000 
        Friends of the Cheat, Inc                                                         $5,000 
        Friends of the Hughes River Watershed                                     $5,000 
        Friends of the Lower Greenbrier River                                       $5,000 
        Greenbrier River Watershed Association                                   $5,000 
        Indian Creek Watershed Association                                         $5,000 
        Jefferson County Water Advisory Committee                             $5,000 
        Morris Creek Watershed Association                                         $5,000 
        Paint Creek Watershed Association                                           $5,000 
        Piney Creek Watershed Association                                          $5,000 
        Plateau Action Network                                                            $5,000 
        Potomac River Keepers                                                            $5,000 
        Save the Tygart                                                                      $5,000 
        Warm Springs Watershed Association                                        $4,920

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