Thirty Recipients Benefit From Recycling Grants


CHARLESTON, W.Va. __ Thirty recipients were awarded grants today worth $1.8 million through the REAP (Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan) Recycling Assistance Grants program, sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP Cabinet Secretary Randy Huffman presented the 2015 grants during a ceremony at the agency’s headquarters in Kanawha City. Grants were awarded to state solid waste authorities, county commissions, municipalities, private industries and nonprofit organizations to assist them in their recycling efforts.

Funding for the Recycling Assistance Grants Program is generated through the $1 assessment fee per ton of solid waste disposed of at in-state landfills and is provided by WV Code 22-15A-19(h) (1).

Following are the grant recipients:

Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority $105,362
To assist with yard abutment wall improvement, storm water management, dual stream building improvement, tire replacements for equipment, roll off container repairs, roll off container purchase, gravel/stone, battery recycling services/supplies, CFL recycling services/supplies and concrete pad repairs for the county-wide program.

D & D Recycling $37,439
To purchase a mini excavator, drive on scale, steel storage building and lifting magnet for the ongoing operation.

Cabell County Solid Waste Authority $61,542
To assist with recycling coordinator wages, recycling laborer wages, recycling program expansion, recycling hauler expenses, educational outreach, small pickup truck, and fuel and insurance for the
county-wide program.

Goodwill Industries of KYOWVA Area $74,984
To purchase a rollback truck, mobile mega-bins, roll off recycling containers, bulk trucks, fuel for recycling trucks, bailing wire and gaylord boxes for the ongoing operation.

Huntington WV Area Habitat for Humanity $41,646
To assist with latex paint recycling program equipment, materials handling equipment, conference attendance, fuel for recycling trucks, insurance for recycling trucks, advertising campaign, printed brochures, utilities, maintenance repairs for recycling trucks and office supplies for the ongoing program.

Metal Center Recycling $43,563
To purchase a skid steer for the recycling operation.

Mountwest Community & Technical College $26,760
To assist with classroom receptacles, exterior receptacles, tilt truck, recycling compactor and collection, printing and advertising of educational material for the new campus-wide recycling program.

Fayetteville, Town of $75,000
To assist with paving at the recycling center, wages for the recycling center employee and attending the annual conference for the town’s ongoing program.

Greenworks Recycling $14,233
To purchase a mid-size pickup truck, rhino lining and specialized truck rack for the recycling operation.

Jackson County Solid Waste Authority $107,290
To assist with fuel, tires and parts, repairs and maintenance, building utilities, baling wire, skid steer loader, down stroke baler, employee salary and wages, insurance for recycling vehicles, CED disposal
costs, attend recycling conference and blacktop for outside work area for the county-wide program.

Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority $18,000
To assist with the county-wide yard waste grinding program.

Recycling Coalition of WV $49,500
To assist with WV Recycles Day Educational inserts and advertising (print and electronic media).

YMCA of Kanawha Valley $22,640
To assist with recycling coordinator salary, 2 stream 23-gallon containers, 16-gallon containers, kidz wastewatcher single container, kaleidoscope 2 stream container, artwork fee for graphics, custom graphics per container, round single recycling container, recycling bags, 95-gallon bins (6), recycling bin cart and blue recycling bin for a new initiative.

Lincoln County Solid Waste Authority $20,560
To assist with recycling coordinator program manager wages, recycling bin pulls, conference attendance and promotional items for the county-wide program.
Reclaim Company $75,000
To purchase a pre-shredder/granulator for the ongoing operation.

City of Bluefield $21,500
To assist with recycling coordinator salary, fuel, recycling bags, promotional items, vehicle expenses, office supplies and operational supplies for the city-wide program.

Empire Waste Systems $30,878
To purchase a Hino truck chassis or equivalent for the ongoing operation.

Lusk Disposal $52,500
To purchase dumpsters for the cardboard recycling operation.

Mercer County Solid Waste Authority $100,000
To assist with the recycling facility expansion for the county-wide program.

PACE Enterprises $48,096
To assist with recycling laborer wages, recycling containers, fuel for trucks, baling wire, office supplies, uniforms and safety equipment for the ongoing operation.

WVU Research Corporation $13,000
To purchase 60 recycling bins for the campus-wide recycling program.

Monroe County Commission $48,977
To assist with the recycling building foundation and concrete slabs for the county-wide program.

Coffman’s Metals $35,000
To purchase a CD 3600 Can Densor or equivalent for the current operation.

Nicholas Sanitation $75,000
To purchase 2 self-contained 36-yard compactors and a 2014 New Holland skid loader or equivalent for the recycling operation.

Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority $91,844
To assist with the recycling building expansion and crane rental for the county-wide program.

Roane County Solid Waste Authority $150,000
To assist with a new recycling facility structure, labor wages, fuel for vehicle fleet and insurance for vehicle fleet for the county-wide program.

Wayne County Commission $78,250
To purchase metal siding and interior insulation, lighting and 12 x 12 insulation garage door for the recycling center.

Wayne County Solid Waste Authority $44,599
To assist with labor wages, down stroke baler, fuel, utilities and office supplies for the county-wide program. 

Zanesville Welfare Organization $70,000
To purchase a new horizontal baler with conveyer for the ongoing operation.

City of Parkersburg $89,407
To assist with a part-time recycling assistant, recycling truck (used side loader), recycling program website update, recycling program education materials, recycling program promotional/advertising, new/used baler and travel to conference/educational events for the city-wide program.

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