DEP, Appalachian Power coordinating efforts on energy efficiency


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Appalachian Power Co. to coordinate efforts in educating West Virginians about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency programs.

The MOU, which runs through December 2013, outlines how the DEP and Appalachian Power will work collaboratively to inform the public about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency programs. This past spring, Appalachian Power launched a series of energy efficiency incentive and rebate programs for residents and businesses aimed at offsetting the increasing cost of power, as well as helping the public become a better consumer of energy.

“We are excited to work together in a public-private partnership to coordinate efforts to educate the West Virginia public about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency,” said Randy Huffman, cabinet secretary of the DEP. “This is great opportunity to work collaboratively to provide resources to help West Virginia customers reduce their energy costs and improve our environment at the same time.”

According to the MOU, the DEP will include information about Appalachian Power’s energy efficiency programs in DEP-sponsored presentations and initiatives, including West Virginia Sustainable Communities; I Travel Green West Virginia; and Economy, Energy, and Environment -- West Virginia.

“We’re very happy to partner with DEP and look forward to working together to increase awareness of our energy efficiency programs,’’ said Jim Fawcett, manager of Energy Efficiency and Consumer Programs for Appalachian Power. “We realized our goals aligned and the saw the opportunity to work together. Learning and adopting energy efficient behaviors can help our customers offset rising electric rates, but also play a role in helping the environment.”

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