DEP issues violations to Black Crow Oil


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has issued four Notices of Violation to Atlanta-based Black Crow Oil LLC, for a spill at the company’s well site on Cavender Drive in Kanawha County, near Elkview.

Approximately 25 to 50 barrels of oil leaked from a faulty load-out line on the site’s holding tank on Thursday. An unknown amount of oil then entered into an unnamed tributary of Indian Creek and ultimately flowed into Indian Creek, a tributary of the Elk River.

Both the DEP’s Office of Oil and Gas (OOG) and its Homeland Security and Emergency Response Unit responded to the spill, which has been contained on Indian Creek and is being cleaned up by Black Crow. The cleanup, which might take several days, is being monitored by the OOG. Also, West Virginia American Water, which has intakes along the Elk River, was notified of the spill.

Two Notices of Violation were issued to Black Crow for polluting waters of the state. NOVs also were issued to the company for failing to report the spill in a timely manner to the state’s Spill Line and for failing to have a correct American Petroleum Institute identification number on its well.


Tom Aluise