DEP monitoring gasoline spill at Berkeley Springs station


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is monitoring the cleanup of a gasoline spill that occurred Monday night at a Sheetz filling station, located at 245 S. Washington St., in Berkeley Springs.
Approximately 350 gallons of gasoline spilled onto the pavement when an overflow occurred while a truck was filling an underground storage tank on the property. The cause of the overflow and subsequent spill is still being investigated.

Local fire departments responded to the scene, as well as a Sheetz environmental clean-up crew. Sheetz also hired an outside environmental consulting company, GEC Contractor, to assist in the cleanup. The bulk of the spill was cleaned up by 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The spill also impacted a nearby stream, Warm Springs Run. Environmental crews are working to remove any residual materials from the stream and have placed booms in the stream to prevent further downstream flow of contaminants.

The DEP has issued a Confirmed Release-Notice to Comply requirement to Sheetz to continue its cleanup procedures. Sheetz must analyze on- and off-site conditions to determine if additional investigation and cleanup will be needed once emergency response efforts are complete.


Tom Aluise
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