More than 70,000 pounds of electronics collected


Loaded with discarded televisions, computers, printers and other electronics, close to 500 cars and trucks streamed through the state Department of Environmental Protection’s parking lot to take advantage of a recent free electronics recycling event.

By the end of the day, more than 70,000 pounds of electronics (35 tons) had been stuffed into tractor trailers and sent off for recycling. The Sept. 15 event at DEP headquarters in Charleston was sponsored by the DEP’s Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) and MRM Recycling with the goal of making it easy for the public to responsibly dispose of electronic devices.

The 35 tons of material collected was the highest total for REAP since it began sponsoring free electronic recycling events throughout West Virginia a year ago. Additional free drop-off days are planned for later this year across the state.

West Virginia law prohibits TVs, computers and other electronics with video screens 4 inches and larger from being discarded into landfills. The law went into effect Jan. 1, 2011. Electronics contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury and beryllium. Recyclers value discarded electronics for precious metals, plastics and glass.

Devices typically accepted at recycling events include televisions, computers, printers, copiers, zip drives, video game devices, electronic cables, laser and multifunction scanners, fax machines, laptops, mice, keyboards, speakers, Webcams, monitors, cables, hard drives, circuit boards, cell phones, CD players and tape players.


Tom Aluise