Philips Electronics cleaning up Marion County site


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has approved a final cleanup method submitted by Philips Electronics North America Corp. to address environmental conditions at the former cullet pile site in Marion County.

Philips Electronics is working with the DEP’s Office of Environmental Remediation through the state’s Voluntary Remediation Program. The site is located at 505 Hoult Rd., in Fairmont and includes approximately 2.7 acres.

The final cleanup method includes the following institutional site controls: use of the property for non-residential purposes; use of groundwater only for monitoring and/or remediation; and excavation, drilling, or penetration of foundations or encapsulated areas conducted by a qualified contractor knowledgeable about exposure to regulated substances known to exist at the site.

The site had been impacted by heavy metal contaminants from past waste disposal activities introduced to the property by a former operator, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Westinghouse disposed of glass cullet and other manufacturing waste materials generated at its Lamp Division manufacturing plant in Fairmont. The former cullet pile area received whole and broken light bulbs, whole and broken lamp lenses, mercury-containing tubes and drummed solid wastes. Disposal activities ceased in or around 1972.

Remedial actions at the property included excavation and removal of an estimated 16,887 cubic yards of impacted soils.

The project falls under West Virginia’s Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act, which encourages voluntary cleanups of contaminated sites, as well as redevelopment of abandoned and under-utilized properties, with an objective of counteracting the lack of development on sites with contamination or perceived contamination.

Questions or comments regarding the Voluntary Remediation Program or this application should be directed to either: Pasupathy Ramanan, WVDEP, WVDEP, DLR/OER, 2031 Pleasant Valley Road, Suite #1, Fairmont, West Virginia 26554, Phone: 304-368-2000, ext. 3730 or Christopher A. Grose, Licensed Remediation Specialist, Potesta & Associates, Inc., 7012 MacCorkle Avenue, SE, Charleston, West Virginia 25304 Phone: 304-342-1400.


Tom Aluise