Point Pleasant stockpile center applies for cleanup


The Defense National Stockpile Center (DNSC) has submitted an application to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to clean up its former location at 2601 Madison Ave., in Point Pleasant.


The site, which is currently vacant, is defined as a 27,560 square foot area known as Building 102. It was originally used to store approximately 1,681 metric tons of liquid mercury contained in 47,965 flasks. 


The Point Pleasant site was used by the DNSC to store metals, metallurgical ores and other strategic natural resources necessary for manufacturing defense materials. Specifically, Building 102 was used to store liquid mercury in flasks. 


The applicant is working with the WVDEP in an effort to address the environmental conditions at the site. The chemical of concern is elemental mercury, associated with the storage of liquid mercury.


The WVDEP’s Office of Environmental Remediation has negotiated a voluntary remediation agreement (No. 09750) with the applicant. The voluntary remediation agreement includes provisions for identifying human health and ecological risks associated with current and potential future uses of the site in order to establish appropriate cleanup standards.  The voluntary remediation agreement also includes provisions for additional remedial actions, if any, necessary to meet those standards. A final report will be submitted to the OER for review to confirm that the work meets all applicable remediation standards.


Questions regarding the VRRA or this application may be directed to either: Catherine Guynn, Project Manager, WVDEP, DLR/OER, 601 57th Street, Charleston, WV., 25304, (304) 926-0499, Ext. 1288; or Lenny Gunnell, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CELRL-ED-E-E, Room 351, Environmental Engineering Branch, 600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Place., Louisville, KY., 40202, (502) 315-6317.



Kathy Cosco
304-926-0499, ext. 1331