West Virginia State Agencies Teaming Up To Raise Money for United Way


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Nearly two dozen state agencies are teaming up with the United Way to encourage more state employees to donate to charities across West Virginia through a simple payroll deduction.

In West Virginia, only about 300 state employees have signed up to make a charitable donation through a payroll deduction. Using the payroll deduction, a state employee can make a donation of any amount they wish to any charity listed on the United Way’s website here. The goal this year is to get more people to donate using the payroll deduction.

“We help our neighbors in West Virginia, and that’s what the combined campaign is all about,” said WVDEP Cabinet Secretary Austin Caperton, this year’s State Employee Combined Campaign Chairman. “We know times are hard for a lot of people, but even a dollar or two per paycheck helps. We hope to get the word out this year about how easy it is to just fill out a form and donate through a payroll deduction. If every state employee donated just a couple dollars per paycheck, we could raise millions of dollars for these charities across the state every year.”

“The impact that state employees could have on the work the United Way is doing is second to none,” said Margaret Ann O’Neal, the President of the United Way of Central West Virginia. “If we could get each state employee to donate just a dollar per paycheck, we could tell the world that West Virginia has it figured out, that we can provide services to people all over our state who really need our help.” 

Each of the represented state agencies will have coordinators who can help employees get the correct paperwork to fill out in order to contribute through payroll deduction. State employees have until the middle of December to submit their payroll deduction to the state auditor’s office.


Jake Glance
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