Deadline extended for comments on guidance document


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Water and Waste Management has extended the deadline for submitting comments on a document developed to provide guidance for generating and trading nutrient reduction credits in West Virginia’s river basins. The new deadline is Thursday, Sept. 24.


The document was created in conjunction with West Virginia University’s Water Research Institute. The Water Research Institute received a federal grant two years ago to develop a nutrient trading program for the Potomac River drainage in West Virginia. The DEP is charged with developing a trading program in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Initiative just passed by the Legislature. The guidance document represents a step toward the development of the trading program.


The guidance will provide procedures for the generation and trading of nutrient reduction credits, which could result in more cost-effective achievement of water quality requirements under applicable laws and regulations. The guidance is also intended to assist individuals through the process of submitting proposals for the approval, certification, verification and registration of credits.


All correspondence will need to be received by Sept. 24, and should be mailed to:

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

ATTN:  Jennifer Pauer, DWWM

601 57th Street S.E.

Charleston, WV 25304 

To view the guidance document, click here, and to view the appendix to the document, click here.

Comments and information may also be e-mailed to



Kathy Cosco
(304) 926-0440